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phpMyAdmin free download for windows 7


phpMyAdmin 4.5.1

Simply Handle Your MySQL On Web, phpMyAdmin

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phpMyAdmin 4.5.1

phpMyAdmin Review:

 A completely free tool or software program written just in PHP, intended to handle administration of MySQL remotely through the internet. phpMyAdmin also supports a wide range of operations including MySQL, Drizzle and MariaDB. It is a major relief for database administrators who had to be physically present all the time in the server rooms. All the frequently used operations can be performed from the comfort of your home.

 In Depth

 phpMyAdmin allows administrators to directly execute SQL statements on the terminals remotely via the web console. It also allows all basic queries to tables, columns, relations, users, indexing, managing the database, setting permissions and much more through a user interface without having to actually getting into the terminal, as in case of executing direct statements. There is a complete list of features available from their website that includes all above functions and exporting data into various formats like CSV, XML, PDF, SQL and the list goes on and on. 
 - One of the notable things is generating a PDF map of your complete database and running global searches across database and executing complex queries from provided templates called QBE.


 - phpMyAdmin gives you the complete documentation in an easy to follow style so that you can take the advantage of this amazing tool and get some relief. 
 - It has a wiki page, which is open to revisions by users as they keep learning and gaining expertise in using the tool. 
 - You also get a deeper look in a book written by the developers which is a wonderful assistance along with the above resources. 
 - Furthermore, developers are now translating it into 72 languages to make it usable worldwide. 
 - The latest version is said to support both RTL and LTR languages.


 This novel and easy to use tool has won several awards including the best PHP application and it has won the "Best Tool For SysAdmin" award every year on Sourceforge. They are currently hosting the version 4.4.10 on their official website. It has a huge community support and has a 16 year old history. The downloaded file is a .zip archive that weighs only 9.1 MB. Additionally you can try a demo version of the tool and donate to their development.

 PhpMyAdmin is really an amazing tool and you won't believe it unless you use it. It has been a great relief for system admins for long.

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